Archipelago National Park

- rocky islands and open sea

Rugged rocky islets and forested islands, separated by open sea, characterise the Archipelago National Park. The landscape was created by the immense natural forces of the last Ice Age. In the Archipelago National Park, nature trails take you through the diversity of the natural features and life of the archipelago. Visitors move around by means of their own boat, the ferry services, or they can take part in guided boat trips arranged by local enterprises.

The park includes state-owned land and waters. The park constitutes the core area of the large Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve, established by UNESCO in 1994 to promote sustainable development and research on the interdependency of man and nature.

When visiting Archipelago National Park, you visit one of the true gems of Europe's wilderness areas! The park not only offers outstanding nature and real wilderness, but also high quality tourism facilities. When creating these facilities, we have taken great care to make sure that they are in balance with wilderness protection and sustainable local development. Therefore, the Archipelago National Park is part of the PAN Parks network.

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Archipelago National Park in brief
Established in 1983
Area 500 km2
Located in the province of Western Finland, Southwest Finland Region, and the municipalities of Kimitoön (webpage in Swedish and Finnish) and Väståboland.
The national park is managed by Metsähallitus.



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