How the section is organised

The work of the Nordic-Baltic Section is organised in line with the Statutes of the Section. Members of the EUROPARC Federation situated in a Nordic or Baltic country automatically become members of the section.

The daily work and activities are directed by the coordination. Currently, the coordination consists of the president and a coordinator. The president is elected by the members of the section every three years. After each term of three years, the presidency should be rotated to be hosted by another member country. Members of the section meet at least twice a year. One of those meetings is the Members' Assembly.

In 2018-2020, the Presidency and Coordination of the Nordic-Baltic Section were hosted by Metsähallitus Parks & Widlife Finland. In 2021-2023, the Presidency and Coordination of the Nordic-Baltic Section will be hosted by the Swedich Environmental Protection Agency.

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