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Almost the entire life in Žemaitija (Samogitia) National Park is centred around the Plateliai Lake. It is the deepest, largest and probably the most beautiful lake in Samogitia with islands, peninsulas, bays, surrounded by hillsides and forests. It is home to the relict fish Coregonus lavaretus holsatus. The National Park is rich with dense, shady spruce forests, natural old conifer and mixed tree forests. The abundance of hillforts, sacred hills and sacred places are the reminders of the old culture. The small chapels and road shrines scattered by the roads and in the fields reflect the lifestyle and traditions of the local people. The old customs are especially emphasized during the traditional Shrovetide festival.

Park visitors all around the year can visit natural nature beauties but different exhibitions too. The former Soviet Army nuclear missile underground launching site, built in 1962, now contains a Cold War exhibition. The granary of Plateliai Manor offers a display of Shrovetide masks, archaeological finds from Šventorkalnis and the Castle Island, and old tools and household implements, and also serves as a place for exhibitions on a permanent basis.

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Protected Areas in Lithuania

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