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Wild, beautiful, amazing with breathtaking slopes and expansive views over Öresund and Kattegatt. Here you experience a unique plant- and animal Life – Everything explained and put into context at the Visitor Center naturum Kullaberg on the edge of the peninsula at Kullens Lighthouse. Welcome!

Wherever you are in northwest Skåne, you can see Kullaberg silhouetted against the horizon. The mountain rises prominently with steep precipices towards the sea of Öresund and the bay of Skälderviken.
To the east, the mountain decends sharply towards the flat plains. Woods, fragmented heathland and wild slopes stand in strong contrast to the otherwise predominantly agricultural district. Situated at the foot of the mountain are the idyllic villages Mölle and Arild and also the old ecclesiastical village Brunnby.
To the southnear the shores of Öresund, stands Krapperup castle, surrounded by a moat and a beautiful park open to visitors all year round.

The Archaean rock ridge of Kullaberg stretches out into the sea with rocky cliffs that drop 100 metres down to the water. The weathered coast, with its bays and capes entices you to find adventure among the caves and rocky beaches. The area’s dramatic countryside offers ancient forest, verdant pasture commons and deep ravines. An abundance of natural experiences is served up.

A good place to start your visit is at the visitor centre at the Kullen lighthouse. You can find information here about the flora and fauna of Kullaberg and perhaps take the opportunity to touch a starfish.

More Than Just a Cape

The reserve stretches from the lighthouse at the tip of the cape in to Arild where you’ll find broad-leaved woodlands mixed with open pasture commons. The vegetation is often thin and lacking in diversity on Kullaberg’s rocky ridge, but, in one part of the area with more fertile soil, sweet-smelling wild garlic grows alongside Yellow Anemones and Dog’s Mercury. The highest point is Håkull, 187 metres over sea level, from where you can get a fantastic view of the surroundings. A special kind of low-growing oak woodland covers the hill’s steep slopes.

Diverse Flora and Bird Life

The variation of cliffs, sandy beaches, forest and pasture means that the number of plants is unbelievably high in Kullaberg. Here you will find more than two-thirds of Sweden’s plant species.

In spring and autumn both birds of prey and small birds migrate past Kullaberg. As with Hovs Hallar, you can find exciting sea-bird species such as Gannet, Fulmar and Kittiwake here that have flown in on the winds of westerly storms. The Peregrine Falcon has found a home on the cliff ledges of Kullaberg.

Life Under the Surface

Kullaberg Nature Reserve also protects life under the surface. There is a diverse marine life in the waters around Kullaberg, with many different marine animals such as sea urchins, brittle stars, mussels and crustaceans. They are also home to the harbour porpoise, Sweden’s very own miniature whale.

By the cliffs at the tip of the cape you can sit and look out for the porpoises’ dorsal fins, which suddenly appear on the surface of the water. It is not uncommon to see a pod of porpoise hunting fish off the coast of Kullaberg.

Trails and facilities

The Nature Reserve includes a well-developed network of trails. There is a visitor centre with permanent exhibitions. Knowledgeable staff provide information about the Nature Reserve and there is a kiosk.

Guided tours are available by special arrangement.

For more information, please visit the Skåne County Administrative Board website.

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