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European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST)

To promote the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST) Section has appointed the Sustainable tourism focal point in 2021. Nele Sober, Ministry of Environment, Environmental Board is currently serving as a focal point and Section representative in the Sustainable Tourism Task Force in EUROPARC.

Section also works with ECST Phase II with several businesses having received the Sustainable Partner credential in Sweden and Estonia starting 2021. Read more about methodology here.

Joint project ERASMUS “Know Nature” 2023-2025

Several members of the Section and affiliated organizations from Estonia, Latvia, and Sweden collaborated to develop a project aimed at improving the foundational knowledge among tourism stakeholders in Protected Natural Areas for more sustainable tourism in the Nordic-Baltic region. The ERASMUS project “Know Nature” focuses on enhancing understanding of protected areas for local stakeholders and includes three study trips in each country for participants from all three countries involved. Our aim was to establish a unified methodology, facilitate mutual learning, and increase the number of businesses that preserve natural resources, utilize them responsibly, and offer comprehensive information on local natural, cultural, and historical attractions to visitors.

Photo: Project partners at the kick-off meeting of ERASMUS “Know Nature” project in Sweden, April 2023.