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Reisa National Park features high mountains, intersected by canyons, gullies and wetlands. The area offers the Reisa river, waterfalls, river boat trips, fishing, hunting and much else. Reisadalen valley extends from the Arctic Ocean coastline all the way to the Finnmarksvidda plateau in a varied, dramatic landscape. The Reisaelva river’s upstream areas make up Reisa National Park. This is one of Norway’s most important salmon rivers. The Arctic Trail runs along the riverbank. There is abundant evidence of ancient Sami habitation within and near the national park. Many thousand reindeer graze in the national park each year.

Reisa National Park is in process to be a part of the EUROPARC Transboundary Programme (, through the bilateral Norwegian-Finnish transboundary park project called Project Halti. The protected areas covered by the project are the northern parts of Käsivarsi Wilderness Area in Finland and Reisa National Park and Ráisduottarháldi Protected Landscape in Norway.

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